I really admire and learn a ton from Donald Miller.  Not only has he been a successful author, but he has an incredible company helping businesses communicate what they have to offer to the marketplace.

He said something recently that I wish the whole world would hear ringing in their head every morning.

He said the biggest killer of our success is….playing the victim.

Of course he was trying to help business leaders, but there is no doubt that this applies to all of our life…especially our health!

So it is time to get contemplative for a second….ok maybe a little longer than that.

Ask yourself: “Have I been playing a victim role in regards to my health?”

Have you found yourself thinking that…I just have too much weight to lose…I don’t have very good metabolism…I don’t have time to workout…I don’t have the money to eat healthy…I need to take care of my family first…this one health issue is holding me back…It’s too cold outside…It’s too hot outside…I don’t like gyms…etc..

We could go on couldn’t we?

But what if…

What if TODAY…we could change our mentality.  

What if we could take the things that are pushing back against us accomplishing our goals and see them as opportunities?  

  • Failure…as an opportunity to learn.
  • Hardship…as an opportunity for more strength.
  • Discomfort…as a chance for greater perseverance.

So let’s not play the victim.  

Instead, let’s see the whole world…even our bodies… conspiring together to bring us greater success today!

Champion on!


And one more thing… If you are ready to kill the little victim troll in your life and need a guide and a powerful arsenal of tools to help you win this Spring, then contact me and/or check out this Product Navigator to find some suggestions for your victory.

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