The biggest killer of (your health) success

I really admire and learn a ton from Donald Miller.  Not only has he been a successful author, but he has an incredible company helping businesses communicate what they have to offer to the marketplace. He said something… Read More

The thing people don’t really consider when trying to reach a goal

In some class in college I heard this new interesting term.  The term?…. Value Attribution. It kind of made sense back then.  Now though, after coaching many people through the years in their health and fitness goals, it… Read More

The One Thing Most People Lack

So what is the one thing most people lack? Money??   No.  Although that might be true for many of us…it’s not that.  The answer is: Sleep. Did you know…the record for the longest period of time without… Read More

Who’s Healthier: Crossfit Guy or Fitness Class Girl?

So who would win in a head to toe health comparison between a Crossfit’er or fitness class pro? The answer is simple really. Let’s say all things like nutrition and genetic makeup of the athletes are the same…. Read More

What do dryers, cars and your body have in common?

Have you ever… put your clothes in the dryer and then they don’t dry? been to your car mechanic who told you that you need to replace your air filter? struggled with energy or tried to lose weight… Read More

The reason bad doctors don’t want you to eat apples

The facts are in.  We need more fiber in our diet. However, less than 10 percent of adults in the U.S. consume enough dietary fiber each day. So, you like me, have probably figured out you need to… Read More

One of the best advice that I didn’t want to do

19 years ago a friend told me to do something I didn’t want to do. What was it? He said, “You need to do a cleanse.” Immediately my mind went into horror stories that I had heard from… Read More