So who would win in a head to toe health comparison between a Crossfit’er or fitness class pro?

The answer is simple really.

Let’s say all things like nutrition and genetic makeup of the athletes are the same. Of course we know this is not even possible…but for “scientific” purposes and to drive home my main point, please go with me here!

The answer really comes down to something very simple.  

The winner is the one who MOVES the most.

Yes…movement of the body.  

Think about it.  All other things being equal, the person who moves their body around more will be more healthy.

As my chiropractor says, “motion is lotion”. And not only lotion for aches and pains, but lotion for overall health.

When we lift weights, go for a walk or run, do stretches or calisthenics, swimming, play with our kids…do anything to MOVE our body MORE, we will win in our health.

So don’t be too concerned about the latest “best” exercise regimen.  

Let your goal be to beat the old you that lived yesterday.


Just be the champion you are by moving more today!

Champion on!


P.S. Need some movement ideas? Check out what I do at least twice a week below:

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