What do dryers, cars and your body have in common?

Have you ever…

  • put your clothes in the dryer and then they don’t dry?
  • been to your car mechanic who told you that you need to replace your air filter?
  • struggled with energy or tried to lose weight but seem to be “bonking” everyday?

Well congratulations!  You are not alone.

All three of these situations are similar because the solution is about cleaning out “the filters”. 

If we want dry clothes we have to clean the lint trap.  If we want a fuel efficient car we need to replace the air filter. If we want to “tune up” our body for optimal energy, weight management and absorption of nutrients from foods, we need to cleanse our body regularly.  

So may I humbly suggest three action steps for you?

  1. Clean your dryer lint trap every use.
  2. Replace your car air filter regularly.
  3. And by all means, treat your body to a gentle and effective cleanse regularly (4 times a year) too!

What’s my personal favorite you ask?  (Thanks for asking!)

Here you go:https://www.advocare.com/00043459/store/featured-bundles/10-day-bye-bye-belly-gut-prep

Champion on!

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