End of Summer Fun = Crushing Habits


Yes, I know it is a bummer.  Summer fun is slowly taking back seat to new work projects, classes and sports schedules for the fall season.

However, it doesn’t have to be a total bummer.

What if we could reframe September and make it the “pre-season-get-a-head-start-on-New-Year-goals” time?

YES…of course!  This is the perfect motivation to start fresh on old or new health and fitness goals.   All we need is a plan that will give us the chance to produce helpful habits that keep us going.  And we know what that means.  It means RESULTS happen.

Are you ready to make some changes now?

If so, I want to help you with a simple plan.  It’s based on habits that I have been using and improving on for over 25 years now.  I want to set you up with a plan that has…


HOW?  Just contact me and we will set a time to meet in person or over the phone for a consultation to see what your goals are and discuss a tailored program just for you.

If your serious…let’s get you a plan going.   Don’t put it off.  Your going to love how you feel and the reward of crushing out new habits for your health!

Contact me (Todd) at: 918-633-7284 or toddclifton@me.com

Courage & Discomfort Zones


Where have you been playing it safe?

Have you been hoping for big impact without any discomfort attached to it?

I love this quote by Micahel Hyatt talking about what is required if we desire big impact from our life.

“Now if you don’t have that much ambition, if you don’t really have big goals, if you don’t really want to make that big of an impact in the world, there’s no courage required, there’s no need to be in the discomfort zone. Just get on with your comfortable life and make it as easy as you can, but if you’re out to create a big outcome, that’s going to require discomfort. You’ve got to get comfortable with discomfort.”

How will you move into discomfort today in your health goals, business goals and relationship goals?